tyOur Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle through our program, you will be required to submit an on-line adoption application. Please read About Rescue Dogs information before you spend the time completing an application.

Goldendoodle & Labradoodle On-Line Adoption Application Tips, Requests and Information:

Fee Structure: IDOG Rescue has a fee structure for our adopted dogs. We will require that the fee be paid (by check or via PayPal online) prior to or when we transfer the dog over to the new family. This fee helps with the expenses related to the care of ALL the dogs in our program and is not directly tied to expenses incurred for that particular dog. Fees range from $100 to $750 depending on the dog. Adoption Fees are not negotiable, nor are they refundable under normal circumstances.

Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit with no funding other than adoption fees and donations.

Check Your Spam Folder: fix your email settings to allow messages from rescue@idogrescue.com to go to your inbox Doing this will prevent you from missing important emails regarding rescues.

oscar-flowersSelection Process: Each dog is very much an individual. Our priority is to match dogs with families that best suit the dog’s needs. Seeing a dog in a photo is a great start to finding the right dog for your family, but please remember that our rescue coordinators have the very best understanding about what type of family and home environment will be most suitable for each individual dog.

Please be polite when communicating with our Rescue Team. They work hard and deserve the same respect that they offer you.

Very specific preferences will limit your chances: Sometimes people get distracted with what a dog looks like and often forget that there is a personality under all that fur. The perfect dog for you may be the opposite sex of the one you imagined. The right dog for your family might be black, or have a scruffy coat, or be a different age than you imagined. If you overlook some dogs because of sex, color or looks, you might just miss out on some great dogs. We urge you to consider all the dogs in our program based on their listing descriptions, and not on their photos.

Please understand that our focus is on rescuing nice dogs and finding them good homes, not helping people find the picture perfect dog that they can tell people they “rescued” because it is more socially acceptable. If your family really wants a puppy, or must have a blonde or female, or if your family has allergy issues to consider, our best recommendation is that you work with a responsible breeder to get exactly what you want. There is no shame in getting a pup from a responsible breeder.

Location Impacts Placement: Please do not apply for a dog unless you are able and willing to travel to the foster’s location to meet the dog. We rarely ship dogs and will do so only if we feel that it is the best option for the dog.

Application Removal: If you have an application on file and adopt a dog from somewhere else, or you decide that the timing isn’t right, please contact us and let us know to remove your application from our active files. This will help us greatly in managing the applications and also saves us in time giving you a call if we have a match. Please send us a note to rescue@idogrescue.com and mention which state you live in.

Are you interested in applying to adopt and IDOG rescue? Find our application below.

Adoption Application