Do you need to find a new home for your dog?

rehome-doodleHere at IDOG Rescue, we don’t want any doodle to end up in a shelter, which is why we offer our Rehoming service to owners who need to find their dog a new home. If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured that you will be treated with respect, and your dog’s welfare will be our top priority. We have been finding great homes for our “pre-loved” doodles for over 9 years now.

How does the rehoming process work?

The first step is to complete our Rehome Form with as much information as possible. One of our Rescue Personnel will contact you to discuss your dog and any issues or concerns. If accepted into our Rehome Program, we will either work with you to rehome your dog while you keep him in your home, or we will place the dog into a foster home. You will be guided by our experienced personnel about which option is best for you and your dog.

What are our requirements?

It is really helpful if you can make sure your dog is up to date on shots, heartworm tested and fairly recently groomed. All our dogs are spayed or neutered before adoption, so if your dog is intact, this will be an additional expense that we will be incurring. We appreciate donations to help with the costs associated with helping your dog, but it is not a requirement for our help.

Dogs with behavioral issues

We will NOT accept aggressive dogs, and we cannot take dogs that have a serious bite history. If your dog that has a bite history but is not necessarily aggressive, the only option is that you keep your dog safe in your home while we work with you, and we may request an evaluation by a reputable behaviorist at your expense.

How we ensure that your dog gets a great home

We go through the same intensive screening process as for our shelter rescues. You will be part of this process if your dog is staying with you while we find the home. If your dog is placed in foster care, you will sign a release of ownership and we will take over everything from there. Each situation is different. Regardless of whether you keep your dog throughout the process, or we take him into foster care, IDOG Rescue will ask an adoption fee for your dog according to our regular adoption fee scale. A reasonable adoption fee and Adoption Contract ensure that there is a tangible level of commitment and, combined with our careful pre-screening, ensures that your dog’s next home will be his forever home.

All adoption fees go to the IDOG Rescue Fund, not to the dog’s owner.

If you would like our assistance finding your dog a new home, please click the link below to go fill out a rehome form.

If you need to rehome your doodle...

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