Dogs currently in our IDOG Rescue Program


  • We rescue throughout North America, but some areas are busier than others.
  • Dogs listed will have a state code next to their name eg: Jake – TX. 
  • ALL dogs have an adoption fee that is not negotiable and not refundable. Our fees range from $100 to $750 depending on the dog.
  • We do NOT usually have puppies. If we do, they will carry the highest fee.
  • Our priority is finding the best fit for each dog in our care – we work for the dogs, not for the people searching for them. Sometimes people are disappointed, especially when many people are interested in a particular dog, so please try not to take things personally if you are not chosen for the dog you applied for… it could be that the right dog for you is just around the corner.
  • Sorry, but we do not adopt to homes that use an electric fence or shock training collars of any description. These can spell disaster for rescue dogs. 
  • We will consider homes without a fence on a case by case basis, unless the listing specifically says that the dog requires a fence.
  • We do not usually ship or transport. It is expensive, it is difficult on the dogs and our volunteers, and also does not allow the potential owners to meet the dog prior to adoption, so please only apply for a dog if you are able and willing to visit him in his foster home.
  • Please read all details about the dog as well as the requirements for that specific dog before you complete an adoption application. Our application is quite long.
  • Please realize that first time dog owners comprise the majority of people who surrender dogs to shelters.  For that reason, we are very hesitant to place a dog in a first time situation. Most rescue dogs need experienced owners.