partiVolunteers needed!

We are currently looking for people wishing to help us save lives by taking in a foster dog from time to time.

We supply you with training and support, and cover all vet costs and expenses.

Fostering a dog and knowing that you made it possible for that dog to have a new life is an extremely rewarding experience.

IDOG Rescue could not exist without foster homes!

To apply to be an IDOG foster, please click the link on the bottom of the page.


If you’d like to help IDOG, but are not able to foster, there are many other ways you can make a difference for a doodle in need. Read through these options and if you want to join in and help, please email us.


Perhaps you like talking to people and would like to help with calling references, or interviewing people looking for a doodle?
Maybe you’re an organized person and can help us with our lists of approved adopters and matching potential adopters…

Adoption Assistants help enormously!  We get many applications a day – always more than we have doodles, so it’s nice to know that everyone who applies to adopt a dog is given the opportunity to talk to an IDOG volunteer personally and given tips on how to find a dog that’s right for them in their local area.  This is something that helps both the dogs that need a home, and the people who want to add to their family.

Adoption Assistants are a great help to our busy rescue volunteers who do not have the time to speak with every applicant. 
Adoption Assistants also work in a team with our Foster Parents to help decide on the right home for doodles in our program.

This is a great volunteer position for anyone who is people orientated.  It does not require a huge time commitment to be able to help, and is something that can be tailored to fit your time availability – as little or as much as you would like.


If you have other skills and/or experience in areas like information technology, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, organizing, etc. etc. …we’d love to hear from you.

To apply to be an IDOG foster, please click the link below.

Foster Application